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Any of these, sounds familiar to you?

  • Do you want to make money online?

  • Are you looking for good paying programs to advertise?

  • Are you “sick” of you job and need an alternative?

  • Do you want an additional income to your job?

  • Do you want your own your online business?

  • Are you looking for education & you don’t want to waste a fortune for it?

  • Do you need more time for your family & your current job is too much time consuming?

  • Do you want a retirement additional income?

  • Would you like to earn a monthly income, but you can’t engage in a regular “9 to 5” job?



“If you can relate with any of the above situations, keep reading this page, Infinity Downline might be for you”

InfinityDownline is a program that combines 2 important features:

education and a business. I will cover both aspects here.

1. In the Infinity Downline members area you can find many, many hours of audio and video trainings that cover lots of subjects, like using Windows, Firefox, and Office, to SEO and online marketing. If you are like me, having a desire to learn and develop yourself, this is the right place for you. There are practical stuff, good to study for anyone, younger or older.

2. If you join InfinityDownline you will also have a business in a box: you get paid the entire membership fee from every member you refer to ID. That’s right, 100%. There is no admin fee. You don’t get paid through the company, every 30 to 90 days, like in other online businesses. You will be paid immediately, in your Paypal/Alertpay account, every month 25$ from each member you recruit.



“Infinity Downline it’s a great opportunity”

Here’s why:

You get good Audio & Video trainings:

Training that otherwise would cost you a lot, you get them all, in your library, at the price of 2 CDs.

You get 100% payout. There are NO Admin fees:

Using your referral link, to advertise your Infinity Downline, you will get paid $25, the full fee, from every member you signup. Also, because the payment is not split with your upline, and others, you can make money faster then in MLM type programs.

You get paid instantly to Paypal or Alertpay:

You will get paid immediately, when someone joins you. You don’t have to wait a week, a month or even 90 days like in other programs. Your commissions will get immediately where they belong: in your pocket.

You get paid monthly:

You will get paid every 30 days, on auto-pilot, from all your downline. You advertise Infinity Downline only once, and reap the befits of your work for as long as they remain a member.

You get a high retention rate program:

You brake even signing up just 1 member. That means that your members will remain active. This is good for you because you continue to get paid over and over from your loyal downline and it gives you time to focus on growing your business.

You get an affordable low cost program:

Being only $25, Infinity Downline it’s affordable. That means more potential prospects interested to join you, in these days with economic troubles.

You get a residual income, that grows like wildfire:

The Infinity Downline system is designed that way that it will pass you the 2nd and the 4th member of your downline. Those members will pay you, instead of their sponsor. Like you took the time to recruit them. That means that once you sign up only 4 people, you will be fully qualified and your business will grow exponentially, depending of the efficiency of your team.

plus more…to many to count & explain here


With Infinity Downline,

you can have all those benefits,

for a lousy price of just $25/month.


You pay more than that on your TV cable…

…and let me seriously doubt, that watching more TV will make you both smarter or richer.

Infinity Downline is the perfect plan to invest in both your education & in your financial future.

To get the “taste” of Infinity Downline, from it’s creator, Peter Wolfing, watch the video:

What others are saying about ID?

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- Because I want to help you even further, to advertise your Infinity Downline once that you join, I will give you access to my Colibri training program. It’s free for you and for your own downline.


To get a glimpse of the training and resources I am giving you, check out the Infinity Downline Marketing Center page. The green arrow will open it up for you:

In the video below, you can see inside the Colibri training program.

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

Note that some things are being added/changed in the Colibri training program since I recorded the video. The video is just to give you an idea of both the Colibri training program as well as some parts of Infinity Downline members area.




Well… Here’s the brilliant plan:

Step 1:

On the next page, and I’ll assign you a sponsor (an upline) in Infinity Downline, out of a small team of fortunately teammates that joined before you. You need to create your account with ID and activate it, by paying the membership of $25.

Step 2:

After you got the confirmation email, that you are an active member, send me a support ticket, with your link to Infinity Downline. (more details on the next page)

Step 3:

I will add your Infinity Downline affiliate link to the next page, so that the next person that wants to join us, would be signed up under YOU.

Click the button NOW, to join the team:


Only those that act NOW, and Join Infinity Downline NOW, will have access this exclusive offer, completely free, just for being smart and brave enough.

When this offer will be gone, the website will look somehow like this. So if you are serious about making money with this program, decide fast, and join the team, from next page.


2 more reasons to join Infinity Downline NOW:

$400 pool prize for the first 60 people that join. 49 spots left.

More details on the next page.

“AndroidPadRush”: 1 member out of 10 will win one Android Pad.


Presentation only. For more details and qualification, see the next page.

If you want something that you did not had before, you might need to do something that you haven’t done before.

Maybe it’s the right time to get a life -online.


Many blessings to you and your family,

and success in taking the best decision for you.

To your success,

Bogdan Graur


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